Tales Across the Keilanverse (2024)

Enter the magnum opus of Keilan Morrissey’s adolescent film career. A mystical figure known as The Writer guides viewers through 10 chapters, each of which revisit beloved characters and unresolved storylines from Keilan’s previous films. How does Lucy navigate the nuances of marriage with a yeti? What did Ethan Futuristic do with his life after being fired? How did Gublo and his fellow ogres end up enslaved to the Dark Magicians? And why does Calvin detest German chocolate cake? Find out in this epic and bizarre anthology.

Eulogy for a Doomed World (2023)

Alien assassin Oakyra is on a voyage between planets. She has been contracted to take out an alien dictator who poses a threat to her homeworld. While traveling across the stars, Oakyra begins conversing with her ship’s AI. This seemingly unbiased being leads her to question notions of mortality, justice, and destiny. Will Oakyra stay true to her mission? Or will her epiphanies alter the fate of the galaxy?

Poetry & Prose (2023)

With vivid language and rhythmic rhyme, Keilan Morrissey documents the wonders and woes of life. These pieces grapple with chronic pain, the end of youth, and the nuanced knowledge acquired with age.


Photo Collections (2023)

Explore vibrant scenery, pristine portraits, astounding creatures, and lovely moments as you browse Keilan Morrissey’s library of photographs.


The Wolf Who Cried Boy (2022)

What happens when a pathological liar becomes wrapped up in a homicide case? Will Wylder has been lying his entire life, but this habit becomes truly problematic after the death of his best friend’s sister. Can the detective trust a word he says? Can his best friend count on him to help bring the killer to justice? And how much does Will really know about the murder?

RELICS (2022)

For centuries, magical creatures lived in harmony with humankind… until dark magicians hunted them to near-extinction. Luckily, two powerful dragons managed to survive by disguising themselves in human forms. They remain in hiding in present-day Chicago, where they must form unusual alliances in order to flee the city and find sanctuary.


Pocket Stories (2022)

In our world dominated by pocket-sized screens, these tiny books offer an alternate form of portable entertainment. Rather than scrolling, flip through these pages designed to keep you captivated. Pocket Stories are meant to be read, written in, and passed along so the stories can spread far and wide.


The Stalker (2022)

A young woman believes she is being stalked by a frightening corn-headed creature. When her therapist dismisses these complaints, she seeks help from a supernatural specialist… and is sent down a path of demon-slaying, monster-fighting, and powerful self-discovery. This movie marks Keilan Morrissey’s return to filmmaking after a nearly year-long hiatus.

Photo Collections (2022)

Enjoy Keilan Morrissey’s catalogue of photographs. These images document incredible adventures, beautiful moments, and breathtaking nature. Some photos were also captured for the sake of Keilan’s stories and films.


Poetry (2021-2022)

These poems, primarily written and performed in Chicago, document Keilan’s most resonant memories and emotional quandaries. Certain poems also tell completely fictional tales.


Beach House (2021)

Nicole and Kyle, a young couple from New York City, head to an oceanside house in Florida for some well-earned vacation time. But upon settling in, they discover a group of cloaked figures ominously gathering on the beach. The couple is thrust into a series of unusual and unnerving events as they seek to answer one question… why don’t these mysterious people ever leave the beach?

Abandoned Destinies (2021)

In the year 3017, Earth is inhabited by a species of colorful monsters known as Embers. They have no recollection of their past, and no knowledge of humankind. Four of these creatures embark on a journey to discover their story and determine their purpose.


Original Stories (2019-2021)

From a murder on a mountainside to an existential conversation with a skeleton, these fables and horror tales span vastly unique fictional worlds.


Rhizome (2021)

A young man living alone in Chicago encounters an out-of-place sculpture that literally changes his life. Each time he passes through the sculpture, some aspect of his past changes. The alterations to his history become more and more significant, until he has to question at what point he is no longer himself.

The Best Man (2021)

Ancient legend states that the tradition of the “best man” at weddings originated with a groom’s friend kidnapping the bride from her disapproving family. But what if that outdated ritual was brought into modern times? From start to finish, this comedy will take you in unpredictable directions.


Three decades after the disappearance of Urbia’s infamous Detective Jacob, The Draggon prepares to launch the first phase of their world domination scheme. Jacob, now The Draggon’s leader, returns to confront his father, who has organized a resistance. The saga concludes in this experimental epilogue.

The DC Shows: Rebirth (2019-2021)

Following the events of Dark Earth, heroes and villains from across the Multiverse are transported to a new world by a colossal convergence of realities. Characters from my old DC fan films return to their former glory and make themselves known again in an unfamiliar world. This fan-made universe concludes with The Justice League, a feature-length film.


Where Do You Go To Watch The Sunset? (2021)

Julie Brown and Bernard Stenson, two young adults living completely separate lives, are both stuck in cycles. Julie has spent her life trying to please others – her mother, her teachers, her boss – by being exceptional. Bernard is spending his days in a dead-end telemarketing job that he despises. They both desperately need an escape, but what could possibly push their lives in the right direction?

Into the Keilanverse (2021)

Keilan Morrissey finds himself in pickle when he cannot come up with a new movie idea. He consults with the Council of Keilans, a board made up of all the characters he has portrayed in his movies over the years. These vastly different Keilans have a chaotic conversation, while the original Keilan attempts to steer it in a productive direction.

Adventure Logs (2020-2021)

For two years, Keilan Morrissey documented his adventures through film. From solo travels to family trips, hometown outings to moving across the country, you can share some delightful moments with him in any of these vlogs.


The Snyder Cut Story (2021)

In 2021, Zack Snyder’s Justice League (AKA The Snyder Cut) was released. The journey to this momentous and controversial film truly began in 2013. This documentary condenses the complicated and unpredictable tale into 25 minutes.

SNOW (2021)

A short immersive film encapsulating memories made during St Louis’ biggest snowfall in over a decade.

A Christmas Kerfuffle (2020)

In this comedic reversal of the classic holiday story A Christmas Carol, Aneheuser Booge goes on the opposite journey of Ebenezer Scrooge. He begins as a cheery and abundantly generous CEO, but is visited by his three financial advisors who tell him why he must stop his excessive giving in order to save his company.

Chasing Dragons: Thoughts of a Young Artist (2020)

In Keilan Morrissey’s first self-published book, you will find an intimate selection of poems written over the course of two years. Childhood memories, teenage experiences, questions about the universe, and strange fantasies are documented in this collection.

The Antihuman (2020)

A strange creature named Rig encounters a human named Benjamin, and they share adventures while exchanging their completely opposite views on the world. But where did Rig come from? And what ghosts from his past might return?

HEVN (2020)

The worlds of ancient Norse vikings and classic Halloween monsters collide in this unusual story. Zak Erikson, son of the Chief of his viking clan, finds himself exiled after getting involved with enemy monsters. But he quickly realizes monsters and vikings are not entirely unalike. Can he put a stop to their age-old feud?

Write Away (2020)

A mysterious pen is passed from person to person, affecting each individual in completely different and profound ways. The pen appears to actualize anything that it writes… but does it truly have supernatural properties? And how will the lives of each writer be different after the pen impacts them?

After I Leave (2020)

Urbia is left defenseless against The Draggon due to Detective Julian’s death and Detective Jacob’s disappearance. Now, Lawrence Wellington is left with the responsibility of finding Jacob and proving the existence of The Draggon, which he attempts to do through a documentary. This film was made during quarantine, and recorded almost entirely over Zoom calls.

LEGACY (2019)

In the aftermath of Detective Julian’s death, his brother Jacob must fill the role of Urbia’s detective. Despite the leaders of The Draggon having been destroyed, the criminal organization is still very much at large. Jacob must cope with the loss of his brother while the responsibility of saving the city continues to weigh on him.

The DC Shows: Dark Earth (2018-2019)

In an alternate world, The Joker has killed Batman. Gotham City is left without a protector, and the villains have free rein. Witness an exciting twist on the story of the caped crusader, and a re-telling of some iconic villainous origins in this dark series of fan films.


Detective Julian (2020)

Some time has passed since the riveting mystery of The Art of Murder, and Julian is now recognized as a local hero. But he quickly finds himself in much stranger circumstances, forced to solve a mystery that is much deeper and infinitely more dangerous.


Greyhound News Network (2020)

These short films were produced to air on Clayton High School’s school-wide broadcast, Greyhound News Network (GNN). They were created to fulfill certain assignment requirements, but they all carry the signature Keilan flare.


Somewhere Else (2020)

When a young man passes away suddenly, he is stuck as a ghost confined to his own house. He questions life and the universe, demanding to know why his soul is temporarily (or permanently) trapped in this form of existence.

Audio Experiences (2019)

These various unconnected stories are told through only sounds and voices. Close your eyes and be transported into terrifyingly unusual worlds.


The Art of Murder (2018)

In Keilan Morrissey’s first original feature film, a teenage detective named Julian seeks to solve the mystery of a young comic book artist’s death, leading him to meet many peculiar strangers, fall in love with one of the suspects, and overcome personal demons left behind by his absent father.

Death of a Roman Gangster (2019)

Two Roman politicians resort to gangs, mercenaries, and gladiators when it comes to destroying one another in a political feud.

Colorless (2018)

Cassandra Holland has been completely colorblind her entire life, but an invention by shady scientist Lionel Hawk could change the way she sees. Her boyfriend, Jay Wells, attempts to obtain this invention in time for Christmas, but not all goes according to plan.

Endring (2018)

Mike, a teenager living in modern America, encounters Cedrick, a time-traveling magical viking from a centuries-old Norwegian village. The two form an unlikely friendship as Mike shows his viking pal the ways of the new world, and Cedrick prepares to face a powerful foe.

The Gnome Chronicles (2018)

The haunted gnome from The Cleansing returns to cinema in a spin-off comedy horror series, following his day-to-day life in a world meant for humans.

Cleansed (2018)

A quest across time begins for the sake of bringing a friend back from the dead. Monsters and demons become infinitely more complicated when time itself is contorted on a peculiar mission in this conclusive horror series.

Blight (2018)

In the aftermath of a riveting death, the adolescents from The Cleansing and The Ravaging are forced to find their own way in a world without monsters… until strange occurrences begin again, and a new evil reveals itself.

The Ravaging (2017)

In the follow-up series to The Cleansing, demons and other horrific monsters are let loose upon Earth. The three pals find themselves tormented yet again, this time with the weight of the world on their shoulders.

The Cleansing (2017)

Three friends become entangled in a series of hauntings and possessions. They must find a way to overcome demonic attacks and thwart the plans of a far greater threat.