Below, you will find a complete chronology of Keilan the Storyteller’s portfolio, categorized by year.

In 2021, Keilan kickstarted a new wave of DC fan films. The series had 12 installments, and culminated with the feature-length film The Justice League. This marked the end of his fan film era, as he transitioned away from utilizing characters created by other writers & artists.

Keilan filmed numerous original movies, such as Where Do You Go To Watch The Sunset?, The Best Man, and Rhizome. He also released J, an experimental film which concluded his mystery saga.

Keilan capped his travel series Adventure Logs after its 28th episode. During this time, he was exploring the various methods of documenting life’s moments; he determined vlogs did not suit him as a creator.

He continued video podcasts such as Keeping It Keilan, and persistently released content on social media throughout the year.

As 2021 came to a close, Keilan began a hiatus from filmmaking to focus on writing stories such as The Elixir and The Man in the Tree. He published the thrilling graphic novel Beach House (with immaculate illustrations by Tuvya Lu), and began drafting his debut science fiction novel Skyburn.

In 2020, Keilan released LEGACY and After I Leave, two additions to his saga of mystery movies. He made the existential film Somewhere Else as an immediate response to the global pandemic.

He then began the one-man talk show Keeping It Keilan, and launched Adventure Logs – a series of GoPro videos documenting his travels.

With the help of his creative partner George Mitrev, Keilan produced the innovative feature-length film Write Away. He ended the year with three uniquely strange short films: HEVN, The Antihuman, and A Christmas Kerfuffle.

In 2019, Keilan released a slew of original, fan-made, and client-requested comic books. The whimsical comic series Abandoned Destinies concluded, and was collected into a graphic novel.

Keilan wrapped his 15-episode fan film series The DC Shows: Dark Earth, and released the 6-episode original miniseries Detective Julian.

He continued his stop motion films, and began exploring poetry, photography, and improv comedy.

In 2018, Keilan continued his comic book series Abandoned Destinies, and wrapped his 25-episode horror film saga (shot entirely on iPhone).

He released The Art of Murder, an ambitious feature-length mystery film. And he launched The DC Shows: Dark Earth, a new series of fan films centered on Batman villains.

Keilan also dabbled in stop motion, podcasts, card games, and short stories.

In 2017, Keilan launched his brand KM Productions.

He created Keilan.com to display fan artwork, original horror films (shot on iPhone), and the imaginative comic book series Abandoned Destinies.