Poetry & Prose (2023)

With vivid language and rhythmic rhyme, Keilan Morrissey documents the wonders and woes of life. These pieces grapple with chronic pain, the end of youth, and the nuanced knowledge acquired with age.


Pocket Stories (2022)

In our world dominated by pocket-sized screens, these tiny books offer an alternate form of portable entertainment. Rather than scrolling, flip through these pages designed to keep you captivated. Pocket Stories are meant to be read, written in, and passed along so the stories can spread far and wide.


Poetry (2021-2022)

These poems, primarily written and performed in Chicago, document Keilan Morrissey’s most resonant memories and emotional quandaries. Certain poems also tell completely fictional tales.


Beach House (2021)

Nicole and Kyle, a young couple from New York City, head to an oceanside house in Florida for some well-earned vacation time. But upon settling in, they discover a group of cloaked figures ominously gathering on the beach. The couple is thrust into a series of unusual and unnerving events as they seek to answer one question… why don’t these mysterious people ever leave the beach?

Abandoned Destinies (2021)

In the year 3017, Earth is inhabited by a species of colorful monsters known as Embers. They have no recollection of their past, and no knowledge of humankind. Four of these creatures embark on a journey to discover their story and determine their purpose.


Original Stories (2019-2021)

From a murder on a mountainside to an existential conversation with a skeleton, these fables and horror tales span vastly unique fictional worlds.


Chasing Dragons: Thoughts of a Young Artist (2020)

In Keilan Morrissey’s first self-published book, you will find an intimate selection of poems written over the course of two years. Childhood memories, teenage experiences, questions about the universe, and strange fantasies are documented in this collection.