The Best Man

Ancient legend states that the tradition of the “best man” at weddings originated with a groom’s friend kidnapping the bride from her disapproving family. But what if that outdated ritual was brought into modern times? Find out in this bizarre comedy starring myself, my girlfriend, and my two best friends. From start to finish, this story will take you in unpredictable directions.

Miami Beach (Adventure Logs Entry 23)

My family and friends and I stayed at the Loews Resort in Miami Beach, and we had the time of our lives! I was able to document some of the fun times we had in this beautiful city on the water. Enjoy some shots of parasailing, banana boat riding, Mexican food, unique shops, street performers, and the ocean at all times of day!


The Best Man – Trailer #1

The Best Man is a short comedy film inspired by the ancient Germanic tradition of the best man at weddings. If the bride’s family disapproved of the groom, then they would be kidnapped by one of the groom’s best friends (AKA the best man) and brought to a secret wedding. What if this ancient and unusual tradition was brought to modern times, and arranged a by a group of incredibly goofy friends?

The Year So Far (Adventure Logs Entry 22)

2021 has been going by quickly, so I wanted to take a moment and appreciate the incredible adventures I’ve been lucky enough to experience over these last six months. So much change and growth has occurred. So many memories made, and stories told. It’s a privilege being alive, and being able to document these travels and share with the world.

Camp Keilan (Adventure Logs Entry 21)

My cousins and Aunt came to town for their annual summer visit, and we hosted what I like to call CAMP KEILAN! Our family traveled around the city and hit all the coolest spots possible in the span of three days. And I also surprised everyone with a major hair cut. Enjoy the full Camp Keilan experience right here!

Underwater Filming

I took my GoPro to the local pool and filmed some shots underwater. The way the bubbles form when I enter the water after a jump from the diving board is seriously awesome to see up-close. I’ve been visiting this pool my entire life, but I’ve never witnessed it from these perspectives.

Superman: The Hero

Superman confronts Lex Luthor after he allegedly supplied Batman with a kryptonite weapon. Lex makes his distaste for Superman known, and their rivalry intensifies as the mad scientist gives life to several monstrous villains, designed to execute the man of steel. This film marks my 100th DC fan film in my ongoing series The DC Shows.

The Flash: The Traveler

When the Multiverse is in peril, The Flash is tasked with entering the Speed Force and searching alternate Earths for the source of the trouble. He encounters various unusual heroes and villains while exploring the fabric of reality, and winds up on Earth-6 where he makes a terrifying discovery.

Superman: The Hero – Trailer #2

Superman. Lex Luthor. Bizarro. Doomsday. Krypto. The Kents. All these iconic characters appear in Superman: The Hero, which premieres THIS Sunday at Noon Central Time, alongside The Flash: The Traveler! I’m excited to debut these films. You are entering the final chapter of The DC Shows: Rebirth.

Superman: The Hero – Trailer #1

In Superman: The Hero, my second fan film starring the last son of Krypton, Superman faces a new foe… Bizarro. This Kryptonian clone was created by Lex Luthor, but why? What does Lex seek to gain from creating his own superhuman? And since Bizarro was just the first draft of his experiment, what more does Lex have planned?

Journal Entry 3 – Nineteen Years of Life

06.02.21 – 8:02 am

Today, I am nineteen years old. While it might be cliché, I can’t help but give into the sensation of entering a “new chapter” of life. On occasions like these, people always say we’re granted a fresh start, or a blank slate, which is true in a sense. But I’d argue each new chapter of life is an opportunity to build on the accomplishments and lessons learned from previous years.

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Long Island, New York (Adventure Logs Entry 20)

My mom and I visited Long Island recently to attend one of her amazing charity events. While there, we went to Jones Beach, a sculpture park, a taco truck, and several other delightful pitstops. It was my first time being on a plane in the entirety of the pandemic, and my first time seeing the ocean in quite a while. It was a wonderful experience, and I’m glad I documented it through this vlog to share with you all!