As the Anti-Monitor approaches Earth with its army of Manhunters, seven superheroes unite to protect their planet. Superman (George Mitrev), Batman (Keilan Morrissey), The Flash (Noah Boeyink), Green Lantern (Joshua Morrissey), Wonder Woman (Camille Curtis), Aquaman (Keilan Morrissey), and Martian Manhunter (Keilan Morrissey) must overcome their own personal demons in order to defend their planet against the devils descending from space.

The world, and the entire Multiverse, are in even more danger than the Justice League realize. In the darker corners of space, Darkseid and Nekron are simultaneously planning their own schemes of widespread destruction and domination. How will these play into the League’s battle against the Anti-Monitor? Will the prophecy of the Blackest Night come to fruition? And what sacrifices must be made to preserve the peace?

THE JUSTICE LEAGUE is the third feature-length film by Keilan Morrissey, and the final installment in the KDCU (Keilan Morrissey’s DC Universe).

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