Why We Love

Love is a choice, not just a feeling, Hollywood told us a lie
That once we meet the perfect person, we’re guaranteed joy for life
But even if I met somebody who was, in all the right ways, like me
Contentment has to be far more than just similarities

Contentment has to be more than just a few things in common
Of course there should be alignment, and yes, joy should come often
But I don’t know two people on Earth who constantly see eye to eye

So I get a strange feeling that all perfect couples are draped in disguise

The films and the songs tell us that lovers live in eternal bliss
And every single day is perfectly magic after that first kiss
We’re all fundamentally flawed, honestly no one can be above
these innumerable imperfections, and the same is true of love

No day is joyous from start to finish, no life is devoid of pain
No person is free of trauma or missteps, and of love, I say the same
If love can be a catalyst for growth, and bring about powerful change
Then we must admit it exposes us to that of which we’re afraid

We want our partners to maintain that perfect image from youth
But we hate in them what we hate in ourselves, and that’s the difficult truth
We want our partners to never change from the very day we meet them
And if they promise infinite romance, we’re supposed to believe them

But everything changes, their minds will expand, their bodies will grow older
They’ll move locations, they’ll go through hurt, sometimes they will be colder
So I reinforce that love is a choice, you choose to endure the phases
Love will test your wits and sense of self, but it also blinds and amazes

For every musician who sings of love’s beauty is not entirely lying
Though they only tell a piece of the truth, that piece is worth all our trying
Those moments of beauty and coexistence are the reason we go through the pain
For when you live life in love rather than live alone, I promise there’s so much to gain


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