We Don’t Know

We don’t know how, in this merciless void
Through all that’s been created and destroyed
The needed ingredients and conditions insist
On existing, allowing human life to persist 

If Earth moved too far forward or backward
We’d be frozen over or scorched by the sun
It’s a miracle we were given just the right factors
To build all we’ve built and do all that’s been done

The odds are astronomical, it’s nearly impossible
And the chance of being human is one in 400 trillion
Our souls are resilient, against all natural obstacles
We are here, we are human, we are worldly pilgrims

But I heard if the span of our planet’s existence
Was a 24-hour clock, then in that instance
Humankind would have only been alive for one second
That’s why so many believe we were divinely beckoned

But we are not the center of the documented universe
We’re not even the center of our own world’s history
We’re a bright and briefly burning star, soon to burst
We’re an anomaly of unexplainable mysteries

And this gets to me, out of humankind’s 6 million years
Ninety-seven percent was completely unrecorded
Unwritten and unreported, stories we will never hear
The past is as beautiful as the future, let’s explore it

We look into the sky each night and see the moon
An unreachable symbolic celestial object
A magical white glowing floating balloon
And twelve human beings have stepped foot upon it

It’s no longer far-fetched to dream of touching the stars
In my lifetime, it’s possible I’ll step foot on Mars
And on the topic of dreams, we don’t know why they are
What they are, if these visions come from within or afar

Like when a sea turtle hatches on a stretch of sand
And it instinctually knows it’s not destined for land
So it crawls through the beach and back into the ocean
Embedded in our minds are pre-programmed motions

We don’t know if free will is a man-made notion
We’re not certain if our surroundings are simply simulated
Because we’re on the cusp of perfecting virtual reality
And there’s actually a good chance it’s already been created

Let me repeat, if we can replicate all five of the senses
And place them in a headset, the scientific consensus
Is that the digital world will be just as real as our lives
And there’s a 50/50 likelihood it’s already arrived

How can we measure reality, surely not with time
Clocks and calendars were made for our own peace of mind
Yes, the world moves in cycles and repetitions
But we, the human race, invented seconds and minutes

Let’s return to how we gaze into starry skies at night
Half of the stars we see are dead phantoms of light
They died ages ago, but we can still see them today
Which means we can see the past if it’s far enough away

The universe is constantly expanding from all sides
Meaning it is a limited space that can be confined
In which case I must know, what exists on the outside?
When you depart the light and dark, what else resides?

Perhaps the answer is found within black holes
Or maybe when we die, we are at last told
About what lies beyond and what existed before
Outside the bounds of the universe lies something more

And the oceans are unexplored to this day
There are abysses in which lurk nameless fishes
By our laws, no creatures could thrive that far away
From the surface, but what is law constantly progresses 

We constantly disprove ourselves, perpetually growing
It was only a century ago we started knowing
The universe is billions of times larger than our galaxy
Candidly, we are completely clueless and I’m glad to be

We don’t know for certain how the pyramids were built
We don’t know why the sensation Deja Vu is felt
We don’t know the true source of certain lights in the sky
And we will likely never know what happens after we die

But as our medicine improves, death may become optional
It’s plausible the symptoms of age could be prevented
For we don’t die from aging, we die from the unstoppable
Illness and decay, but there may be a way to end it

There may be a way to leave the world before the sun envelops it
And I hear digital consciousness is in early development
But I’m undecided on if my life should surpass Earth
This beautiful unusual blue planet of my birth

A blue whale’s veins are so large, we could swim within them
And there are creatures small enough to live on our eyebrows
We know scale extends infinitely in either direction
One might think we’ve seen every natural wonder by now

We know dinosaurs existed, they inhabited this land
And they walked the Earth longer than we have been around
There are 9 million animal species, we understand
And countless more beings that are yet to be found

We know sailors used the twinkle of crashing waves
To read their books and maps in the darkness of night
They thought the water had stars just as the sun had rays
Only to find out microscopic life conjured the light

So much has been charted in history books and articles
From supermassive suns to invisibly small particles
From our present pets to prehistoric beasts that could fly
We know so much of what exists, but we don’t know why

We don’t know if all we’ve witnessed is by design
We don’t know if these mysteries will one day align
We don’t know if the divine will feel inclined to intervene
We keep on chasing dragons and constructing new machines

But there are tribes in this world that have never been seen
They know not of vehicles, buildings, or screens
There are apes learning to utilize human-made tools
There are phenomena we were not taught about in school

We don’t know how to see colors our eyes can’t perceive
We don’t know which experts in which fields to believe
All we know is what we know can change in just a moment
And if there is a meaning to the mystery, we don’t know it

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