Twenty Years

I once believed in certain universal truths and principles
Like goodness will prevail, and happiness can be invincible

I thought one day I’d be immune to life’s highs and lows
And if I saw storms oncoming, I just wouldn’t fly below

I sought clear-cut chapters, and pages I could write upon
I wanted to steer my story, rather than just ride along

I thought life could be a fairytale, full of glee, free of pain
But these days, I find myself soaring headfirst into rain

I embrace the darkness, finding it beautiful and natural
And I’ve accepted the broken bricks as I build my castle

We are each imperfect, as is the world we inhabit
And those of us seeking purity will likely never have it

If a man claims to be perfect, and if light is all he knows
Then when shown the world’s hurt, he keeps his eyes closed

There are no wise men, only those whose minds are set
The most knowledgeable people know they know nothing yet

Some days, I live that fairytale I once believed in
But other days, my mind is a place I need to grieve in

Some days, I believe in the kindness of humanity
But at times, this broken system feels like a sham to me

I have smiled, basking in the beauty of a blizzard
And I’ve listened to the ocean, where divinity is heard

But I’ve also observed evil no God could have made
Some claim injustice left us, but I’m certain it stayed

I find myself unraveling the brain inside my skull
And picking apart pieces to unlearn what I was told

Like when you meet the one, you’ll be content until you die
Why do we tell tales that perpetuate these lies?

Human connection is needed, from family to lovers
We need partners and companions as we grow and discover

People with whom we can freely fail and improve
Not mirrors of ourselves, or pawns for us to move

I had to relinquish my desire for control
And doing so lifted a heavy weight from my soul

There is much I cannot change, there is much I cannot do
Yet I believe in the gift of turning visions into truth

I believe in telling stories, this much has never wavered
And I’ve spoken to the Earth, I will do what I can to save her

Much like how our planet beholds starlight and dirt
There’s beauty in how we withhold such strength and hurt

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