A Letter From the Past

My world is so small, and yet my mind is infinite
Life’s got a rulebook, but I haven’t been given it
I’m ten years old, somehow I feel like I’m a King
My youth is too sweet to not be everlasting

Riding bikes on the paths in the park with my father
Could plan for the future, but why would I bother?
I live in the present, I cherish each moment
This bliss is so rare, and I don’t even know it

I never cared too much about my appearance
Even in a room full of faces, I stay fearless
The creatures that dwell in my brain keep me company
Might be at my peak, got the universe under me

Don’t care who’s in love with me, not for right now
My future’s lined up for me, I won’t strike out
Writing stories and books at my desk or in bed
I’ve got thousands of fans, they’re just all in my head

For most of this decade, I’ve been a bit delirious
Now my teachers tell me that it’s time to get serious
But that’s never been me, I refuse to concede
What if I lose my dreams, honestly I’m fearing this

And I think for the first time, judgement affects me
It’s like kids in these hallways just live to inspect me
Life is getting bizarre, is this the end of my youth?
I hear it’s time to grow up, and I fear it’s the truth

I put away my notebooks, throw ‘em in the drawer
I’m telling people don’t look, feeling insecure
It’s becoming clearer that my purity’s in danger
I look into the mirror, swear to God I see a stranger

Swept up in struggles, going through these motions
While trying to juggle uncertain emotions
I wish I had answers, ‘cause everything’s new to me
Worried I’m losing me, worried I’m losing me

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