A Letter From the Present

To my younger self, you worry far too much about it all
I know it seems blurry, but you cannot rise without a fall
You will lose your innocence, you will lose some dreams
But I promise your youth remains stitched in your seams

There’s childhood bliss that you’ll ache to hold onto
But there’s a future calling, you ought to respond to
I’m sorry for the heartbreak I know you’ll endure
There’s meaningful growth when you cross through that door

The world awaits you, you haven’t seen the half of it
Friends and adventures, you really can’t imagine it
As I write you this letter, I’m thankful beyond words
Things do get better, you keep moving onwards

I’m so grateful I was just handed this overflowing cup
‘Cause honestly, my greatest fear has always just been growing up
But I’ve been never been more tapped in to my imagination
I’ve never been closer to achieving what I’m chasing

I’m deeply in love, and my love keeps on deepening
I’ve got daunting dreams that I won’t stop believing in
Obsessed with my craft, and fulfilled by my life
I’m not rushing the future, it will soon arrive

Perhaps sooner than later, those teenage years were fast
I’m coming to find the sweetest things never last
Now I’m wrestling with Time, hoping I can pin him down
Only twenty, but I fear the day they put me in the ground

What if I never achieve the greatness I’m pursuing?
What if those crowds in my head remain just an illusion?
I’ve embraced my adulthood, but I’m still afraid
That the passing of time is a double-edged blade

I miss my first adventure alone, I drove to Michigan
I wish that I could return home, have my first kiss again
People no longer see me as a kid, that’s a little strange
I’m not ready for this change, I’m not ready for this change

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