Somewhere Else

During my current self-quarantine (a time I will certainly look back on in the future) I decided to create a short film within the parameters of my house!! I wrote and filmed it in one day, then spent the next day editing it!! Hope everyone enjoys this one.

UNO Rules

A group of four friends convene after a stressful school day to enjoy a classic game of UNO. The game quickly gets more heated than expected, as the players realize that they all have their own UNO rules. Produced for Greyhound News Network.


In the aftermath of Detective Julian’s death, his brother Jacob must fill the role of Urbia’s detective. Despite the leaders of The Draggon having been destroyed, the criminal organization is still very much at large. Jacob must cope with the loss of his brother while the responsibility of saving the city continues to weigh on him. P.S. At the premiere, the reaction to the twist was awesome, and the reaction to the ending was even greater. People are already excited for Chapter 4.