Meet My Fish!

Thought I’d introduce you to my fish! My new GoPro allows me to film underwater, so the first thing I did was place it in my fish tanks to capture some up-close footage of my aquatic friends.

Biking Around Clayton

I received a GoPro for my 18th birthday, and I decided to attach it to my bike and take it for a spin around the block!! My cousin Josh and I went cycling around Clayton, Missouri for 20 minutes, and I condensed it into a fun 2-minute video!

After I Leave

Urbia is left defenseless against The Draggon due to Detective Julian’s death and Detective Jacob’s disappearance. Now Lawrence Wellington is left with the responsibility of finding Jacob and proving the existence of The Draggon, which he attempts to do through a documentary. After I Leave is the fourth project in my mystery universe. It is filmed in a documentary style, and features cast members from the previous installments in the series. The movie was created and pieced together entirely during quarantine. Premieres TONIGHT at 7:00 pm.

Write Away – Trailer #2

The film has been postponed until I can truly complete the story as originally envisioned. I’m hoping I’m able to get together with my actors this summer and wrap up the remainder of the movie. But one way or another, it will be released!!