Beyond the Mirror – IMMERSIVE Poem

We will never see ourselves outside of reflections and photographs. We are forever confined to the perspective of our own two eyes, and therefore we cannot see ourselves from the side, from behind, from afar, or from any angle besides THIS one. It’s fascinating that the ONLY thing in the world a person cannot see is themselves. Perhaps this is by design.

Incorporated – IMMERSIVE horror story

Based on true events that happened to my grandfather, INCORPORATED tells the story of a small-town man who investigates a repeated anomaly in the local paper. I hope you enjoy this fully immersive short story! Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback on this new video style. Many more to come!

Journal Entry 9 – A New Living Space

01.21.22 – 12:43 pm

Five months ago, I sat atop a building in downtown Chicago, gleefully writing a journal entry. I had spent the day exploring a delightful city, one I planned to live in for four weeks. I had no idea what the future held, nor if I would return to Chicago after those four weeks ended. But the rush of freedom, novelty, and excitement was hard to contain. The world was at my fingertips.

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The Other Way – IMMERSIVE Horror Story

In my first-ever immersive short story, I tell the disturbing tale of Charley Hess and his unfortunate discovery at the base of a mountain. This new video style utilizes a dual-camera setup, subtle background music & ambience, and realistic sound effects to create a storytelling experience unlike any other. Prepare to suspend disbelief and be taken into a dark and horrific world…

7 Shorts About Philosophy & Art (Shorts Collection #1)

I’ve been a bit quiet on YouTube since the release of my latest (and final) DC fan film, aside from my recent experimentation with the YouTube Shorts feature.

But since my Shorts don’t seem to have the same reach/impact as my normal videos, and given the YouTube Shorts feature is still a work in progress, I decided to share my short-form content in collections for your viewing pleasure!!

Journal Entry 8 – The Struggle with Screen Time

11.07.21 – 9:36 am

Social media is simultaneously toxic and incredibly essential. At least from my perspective, as an independent artist, it is the gateway to a career and dedicated audience. For that reason alone, I spend time on 5+ social networks every day, uploading content and interacting with other users. But while it holds limitless potential for artistic growth, it is also endlessly draining. It’s become widely known that these apps are addictive; they trigger chemicals in our brains that lead to excessive scrolling and clicking. But I’ve also found that the sheer amount of content is mentally overwhelming.

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As the Anti-Monitor approaches Earth with its army of Manhunters, seven superheroes unite to protect their planet. Superman (George Mitrev), Batman (Keilan Morrissey), The Flash (Noah Boeyink), Green Lantern (Joshua Morrissey), Wonder Woman (Camille Curtis), Aquaman (Keilan Morrissey), and Martian Manhunter (Keilan Morrissey) must overcome their own personal demons in order to defend their planet against the devils descending from space.

The world, and the entire Multiverse, are in even more danger than the Justice League realize. In the darker corners of space, Darkseid and Nekron are simultaneously planning their own schemes of widespread destruction and domination. How will these play into the League’s battle against the Anti-Monitor? Will the prophecy of the Blackest Night come to fruition? And what sacrifices must be made to preserve the peace?

THE JUSTICE LEAGUE is the third feature-length film by Keilan Morrissey, and the final installment in the KDCU (Keilan Morrissey’s DC Universe).


Here’s why I believe YOU should read Abandoned Destinies… an epic character-driven tale of adventurous monsters in the distant future!

This story truly came from my heart. Many authors say that, but I come to you with honesty – as a 19-year-old storyteller who just loves to imagine impossible worlds and use them to convey meaningful ideas – you will enjoy this story!

LIFE IN MILWAUKEE (Adventure Logs Entry 27)

I’ve spent the last five weeks of my life in Milwaukee… here’s what I’ve learned from my experience. This episode of Adventure Logs is a bit atypical. Rather than documenting every single adventure throughout my time here (since this was a mostly calm & quiet stay in Wisconsin) I decided to recap my lessons and discoveries with some shots I filmed mostly all in one day. I hope you dig this new, shorter, straight-to-the-point style!! And enjoy the lovely scenery of Milwaukee.

From Filmmaking to Writing (Keeping It Keilan Ep 40)

For most of my creative career (and life in general), I’ve been juggling different artistic outlets. In recent years, filmmaking has become my primary focus, but I have always considered myself a writer first and foremost. Ironically, straight-up writing was on the back burner, so I’ve decided to bring it to the forefront where I believe it belongs. In this video, I share my reasoning for the shift in focus, as well as some suggestions for anyone else considering exploring a different avenue with their art.

The Justice League – Trailer #1

My final DC fan film, THE JUSTICE LEAGUE is my biggest project to date. It features Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, plus a wide range of villains, Lanterns, and cosmic beings. I’m thrilled for you all to see the true scope of this movie, and witness an incredible climax to the KDCU (Keilan’s DC Universe.)