DC-Inspired Comics

In my fan-made DC universe, many classic characters exist alongside heroes and villains that have never been seen by comic book lovers before! I introduce to you Viking Lantern, Pablo the Ninja Turtle, and many other original characters with unique places in my own version of DC Comics, structured to be an epic tale for all readers. Read tie-in short stories on my Stories page.


Original Comics

These comic books are my own original stories, created separately from any universe, and intended to tell fantastic tales.


Client Comics

As a freelancer, I frequently write comic book scripts for clients. Occasionally, those scripts get turned into finalized comics, and I get to post them here. You’ll find a vast range of comics, written to meet the needs of clients from or elsewhere, and drawn by various artists. Please note that any typos are a result of alterations to my scripts.


Abandoned Destinies

When the burning flame of humanity is extinguished, what are we left with? Abandoned Destinies follows a group of four Embers, the species dominating the Earth one thousand years in the future. The group of curious furry friends searches for answers about the meaning of life, specifically how their lives came to exist on this futuristic planet. Written by me, illustrated by Camille Curtis. Click below to read all issues NOW!