In the aftermath of Detective Julian’s death, his brother Jacob must fill the role of Urbia’s detective. Despite the leaders of The Draggon having been destroyed, the criminal organization is still very much at large. Jacob must cope with the loss of his brother while the responsibility of saving the city continues to weigh on him.

Detective Julian

Some time has passed since the riveting mystery of The Art of Murder, and Julian is now recognized as a local hero. But he quickly finds himself in much stranger circumstances, forced to solve a mystery that is much deeper and infinitely more dangerous.


The DC Shows: Rebirth

Following the events of Dark Earth, heroes and villains from across the Multiverse are transported to a new world by a colossal convergence of realities. Characters from my old DC fan films return to their former glory and make themselves known again in an unfamiliar world.


The DC Shows: Dark Earth

In an alternate world, The Joker has killed Batman. Gotham City is left without a protector, and the villains have free reign. Witness an exciting twist on the story of the caped crusader, and a re-telling of some iconic villainous origins in this twisted series of fan films.


Greyhound News Network

These short films have been produced to air on Clayton High School’s school-wide broadcast, Greyhound News Network (GNN). They range in topics, and were created with specific criteria in mind, but they all carry the signature Keilan flare.


Somewhere Else

When a young man passes away suddenly, he is stuck as a ghost confined to his own house. He questions the deepest questions of life and the universe, and why his soul is temporarily (or permanently) trapped in this form of existence.

Everything: Unfiltered

My friend George and I sit down on a couch for 50 minutes and discuss whatever is on our minds. This show is divided into different segments based on our individual areas of expertise. The two of us are extremely different, so all audiences will find enjoyment somewhere in this series.



Occasionally, when I write a poem, I feel it is best enjoyed along with a visual. These select poems have videos or animations to accompany the words, which are read by me.


Audio Experiences

These various unconnected stories are told through only sounds and voices. Close your eyes and be transported into unusual, and often scary, worlds of my own imagination.


Story Sessions

My best written works, read aloud to you by me (and occasionally George).



An experimental film that shows various happenings across the city of Chicago, Illinois.

The Art of Murder

In my first original feature film, a teenage detective named Julian seeks to solve the mystery of a young comic book artist’s death, leading him to meet many peculiar strangers, fall in love with one of the suspects, and overcome personal demons left behind by his absent father.

The Power of Words

A short documentary centered around the lack of trust in politicians in 2019/2020 America. This film was created as a submission to C-Span’s StudentCam contest.

Who Tells Our Story?

The American Public is personified as a single man, who travels through different points in history and interacts with whoever has the most powerful voice at each point in time.

Video Creation – Online Course

A 40-minute course detailing my creative process when it comes to making films and videos (as of 2019).

Death of a Roman Gangster

Two Roman politicians resort to gangs, mercenaries, and gladiators when it comes to destroying one another in a political feud.

Cornealious The Crook

Based on a completely TRUE crime and an incredible mistake in the police department, here is my comical retelling of one of the most obscure incidents in Missouri history.

Impromp2 Guys

A podcast in which George Mitrev and I improvise random characters in an even more random situation.


Diss Tracks

One of the most entertaining aspects of hip hop culture is diss tracks… songs targeted at a specific enemy of the artist. My friend, George Mitrev, and I had to jump on this trend and have a rap battle of our own.



When genres collide, a black & white romantic holiday action comedy is born. Cassandra Holland has been completely color blind her whole life, but an invention by shady scientist Lionel Hawk could change the way she sees. Her boyfriend, Jay Wells, attempts to obtain this invention in time for Christmas, but not all goes according to plan.


Mike, a teenager living in modern America, encounters Cedrick, a time-traveling magical viking from a centuries-old Norwegian village. The two form an incredibly unlikely friendship as Mike shows his viking pal the ways of the new world, and Cedrick prepares to face a powerful foe.

The Cleansing

Three friends become entangled in a series of hauntings and possessions. They must find a way to overcome the demonic attacks and thwart the plans of a far greater threat.


The Ravaging

In the follow-up series to The Cleansing, demons and other horrific monsters are let loose upon Earth. The three pals find themselves being tormented yet again, this time with the weight of the world on their shoulders.



In the aftermath of a riveting death, the adolescents from The Cleansing and The Ravaging are forced to find their own way in a world without monsters… until strange occurrences begin again, and a new evil reveals itself.



A quest across time begins for the sake of bringing a friend back from the dead. Monsters and demons become infinitely more complicated when time itself is contorted on this peculiar mission in this conclusive horror series.


The Gnome Chronicles

The haunted gnome from The Cleansing makes his return to the cinematic world in a spin-off comedy horror series, following his day-to-day life in a world meant for humans.

   . .

The Caterpillar

What can a small creature tell us about humankind? After an encounter with an unusual caterpillar, I go on to explain my thoughts on the world, the concept of creativity, and how humans and animals are not entirely different. This heavily personal film will inspire audiences and provide insight into my creative process.

Mini Marvel Universe

Everyone’s favorite Marvel heroes come to life in a universe of stop motion animations. The Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Spider-Man, and of course The Avengers go on various adventures, all building up to an epic confrontation with Red Skull and his legion of villains.


DC Funko Battles

Fans of DC Films will adore these recreations of iconic fight scenes using none other than Funko Pops. From the feud between Batman and Superman to the car chase with Batman and The Joker, relive these glorious moments in stop motion.


The DC Shows

These collections of films showcase different eras of my superhero fan films, all of which tell a chronological, increasingly complex story. The journey began in 2014, and continues to this day. Each saga of The DC Shows immerses viewers in a different phase of my filmmaking history.