A young man living alone in Chicago encounters an out-of-place sculpture that literally changes his life. Each time he passes through the sculpture, some aspect of his past changes. The alterations to his history become more and more significant, until he has to question at what point he is no longer himself. This short film was storyboarded, scripted, filmed, and edited during three weeks in Chicago, Illinois. My friends and fellow creators at SAIC (School of the Art Institute in Chicago) made this production possible. I am so grateful.

Rhizome – Trailer 1

Coming soon… RHIZOME, my new short film created entirely in Chicago. From idea to finished product, this movie was made in three weeks with the help of new and talented artistic friends I’ve met during my stay here. It focuses on some philosophic ideas I’ve explored in conversation with fellow creatives, and it utilizes the beautiful architecture and landscape of the city.

The Dogs of Chicago (Keeping It Keilan Ep 38)

Having lived in Chicago for three weeks now, one aspect of the city that never fails to bring me joy is the dogs. I’ve met so many wonderful dogs on the streets, in the parks, in my apartment complex, and at festivals. I wasn’t able to document all of them, but many of my favorites made it into this video! Enjoy the dogs of Chicago.

This poem is about my struggles with OCD. It’s a condition that is not discussed especially often, and is still used in common conversation to refer to simple things like tidiness or symmetry. OCD can manifest itself in many forms, and I discuss mine in this poem. There are countless hyper-specific aspects of my OCD that I did not address in this poem, but I would love to expand on them in a longer piece of writing.

Nineteen Years – a poem

Starting at age 17, I began a new tradition. Each year of my life, I will write a new poem encapsulating my story so far – my views on existence, life, love, memories, art, and more. I wrote this poem several weeks ago and recorded the video this morning. Since writing the poem, I’ve spent over a week in Chicago, met some awesome people, and changed up my lifestyle quite a bit. I have SO much more adventuring to do in various cities this year, but I already feel like my views are broadening and my art is evolving. Some cool creations are coming soon, I promise you.

Journal Entry 5 – Finding a Tribe

09.01.21 – 8:20 pm

Earlier this evening, I called my Nana to give her an update on my adventures in Chicago. She was not surprised by my answer to the question “What’s your favorite part of the city?” Despite my adoration for the delightful lake, my astonishment with the towering buildings, and the pleasure I take in seeing such an art-centric town, my answer was “the friends I’ve made.”

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Why I Cut My 24-Inch Hair (Keeping It Keilan Ep 37)

Anyone who has known me for longer than three months knows that I have been “the long hair guy” for years. My hair was THE most defining aspect of my appearance, and it represented many aspects of my personality and beliefs. So why did I cut it to a standard short length and start from scratch? Let me explain the thought process behind this major change in appearance.

Is Creative Competition Essential? (Keeping It Keilan Ep 35)

In today’s episode, I discuss creative competition – the action of comparing one’s work to the work of other creators – and whether or not this practice is vital to creating good art. It’s a fascinating debate to be honest, and the conclusion I reach toward the end of the video is a bit two-sided… but I’m excited to hear your thoughts. Rap artists (such as Russ and Eminem, two of my favorites) are some of the most inherently competitive storytellers out there. Should that philosophy be applied to other art forms? Find out my thoughts here!

Journal Entry 4 – Change of Scenery

08.22.21 – 8:15 pm

At this very moment, I am writing before a fireplace on a rooftop in Chicago. Magnificent buildings surround me, and the night sky is a gorgeous deep blue. Strangers are eating and conversing in other areas of the outdoor lounge. The day is coming to an end, and this is one of several cinema-worthy moments I’ve experienced since waking up at about 7:40 am from pure excitement.

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Three decades after the disappearance of Urbia’s infamous Detective Jacob, The Draggon prepares to launch the first phase of their world domination scheme. Jacob, now The Draggon’s leader, returns to confront his father, who has organized a resistance. The saga concludes in this experimental epilogue.

Let me tell you a story. – KM Productions Trailer

Welcome to the world of KM Productions. Whether you’ve been following since the beginning, or this is the first video you’ve seen, I am so grateful you’re here.

Lately, I’ve found myself in love with the title “storyteller.” It encompasses all the art forms and ideas I so strongly believe in. My drive in life is to tell unique stories that create an impact. The way in which I tell stories is constantly evolving. But I love the mediums of film, comics, poetry, photography, novels, and short stories.

If you follow along on my journey, I promise you’ll be treated to a vast array of awesomeness! Every writer needs a reader. Every filmmaker needs a viewer. Every storyteller needs a listener. Join me on this journey. I promise you won’t regret it.